Irving Flood Control District Section III (IFCD 3)
Preventing Floods in the Valley Ranch Community

IFCD 3 is responsible for providing flood control facilities and operations and preserving the
high quality of life provided in the Valley Ranch Community. The District safeguards people
and enhances the economic value of property by constructing and maintaining canals,
ponds and other natural water management facilities throughout the community.

A publicly-funded organization, IFCD 3 is led by a five-member board appointed by the
Irving City Council. District board members are committed to serving their fellow residents
of Valley Ranch in an efficient, effective and transparent manner.



NO DECEMBER MEETING is currently scheduled.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: January 15, 2018

Changes, if any, will be posted here in a timely manner according to Texas Open Meeting Law requirements.

Our History and Purpose

IFCD 3 was formed by the Texas State Legislature in 1983 for the purpose of providing and maintaining necessary flood control and drainage facilities to remove the District area from the 100-year floodplain of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. The District oversees construction and maintenance of the levee, storm water pump station, canals, ponds and other storm drainage management facilities to protect residents, businesses and their respective assets from the impact of flood-related water damage.

Since its inception, the District has created and maintained the 5.5 miles of waterways and implemented a number of key projects to serve the Valley Ranch Community.